J-SUPPORT1604がBest of ASCO に選ばれました


シスプラチンを含む高度催吐性化学療法による化学療法誘発性悪心・嘔吐の予防に対する標準制吐療法+オランザピン5mg の有用性を検証するプラセボ対照二重盲検ランダム化第III 相比較試験(J-SUPPORT1604試験 J-FORCE Study)がBest of ASCOに選ばれました。



Symptoms and Survivorship


  • Abstract      6509: The impact of routine ESAS      use      on overall survival: Results of a population-based retrospective matched      cohort analysis. (Lisa Catherine Barbera, MD)
  • Abstract      11503: A randomized, double-blind,      placebo-controlled phase III trial evaluating olanzapine 5 mg      combined with standard antiemetic therapy for the prevention of      chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in patients receiving      cisplatin-based chemotherapy: J-FORCE Study. (Hironobu Hashimoto, BPharm)
  • Abstract      11506: Safety of pregnancy      following breast cancer (BC) in patients (pts) carrying a BRCA mutation      (mBRCA): Results of an international cohort study. (Matteo Lambertini, MD)
  • Abstract      11507: Effects of exercise on      cancer-related fatigue and muscular strength in      patients with breast cancer. (Po-Ju Lin, PhD, MPH, RD)
  • Abstract      11514: A randomized controlled trial of a novel      artificial intelligence-based smartphone      application to optimize the management of cancer-related pain. (Mihir Kamdar, MD)