J-SUPPORT President, Yosuke Uchitomi, MD, PhD

J-SUPPORT conducts research activities with the aim of establishing supportive care through the development of novel treatment modalities, the establishment of standard treatment, the verification of support programs suited to Japanese culture and systems, the investigation of needs for supportive care across Japan, and the introduction and implementation of evidence-based standard supportive care. Activities to achieve this goal and their benefits are described below.

  • Mentors with expertise in specific scientific areas provide support from the planning phase of research.
  • Opportunities for interaction with researchers and for bridge-building toward Big Study are provided to J-SUPPORT members.
  • High-quality research with an emphasis on social implications, such as compilation of guidelines and approval for use as a pharmaceutical or medical device.
  • Research resources are provided for quality improvement.
  • Ideas are provided to develop outcome indicators, such as a quality-of-life scales, by working together.
  • The effective dissemination and implementation of non-drug therapy is designed and achieved together from the planning phase of research.
  • High-priority research topics are recommended based on the current needs for supportive care.